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Riding Horseback at McGinnis Meadows Cattle and Guest Ranch
Our horseback riding program is based on the Buck Brannaman style of horsemanship, and is the central activity at McGinnis Meadows Ranch. Buck’s style is a method that is both gentle and effective and creates a unique kinship between horse and rider. We believe that by utilizing the horse's natural instincts we are able to gain their trust and loyalty.

You will have more hands-on time with your horse than any place else. With our large herd of well taught ranch horses, we can accommodate anyone from the beginning rider to the experienced riding enthusiast. We will match you with a horse that best suits your skill level, or you can bring your own. Using all the same tack that we use, Slick fork saddles custom made by Kent Frecker, Jeremiah Watt snaffle bits and mecate reins, we spare no expense to ensure you an authentic experience in this way of horsemanship.

Learn the Buck Brannaman style of horsemanship daily in a relaxed clinic style environment customized to your needs with our horses or yours in small groups. With personalized instruction from our team of experts, you can continue to focus furthering your horsemanship skills each day, or you'll soon feel comfortable heading out on cattle drives, exploring country in any direction from the ranch, and learning to work cattle sorting cutting, and ranch penning. You are welcome to ride and experience as much as you wish.
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We use all Frecker Saddles
at McGinnis Meadows
We use all Frecker Saddles at McGinnis Meadows
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